The Zohar: The Kabbalah's most 'Splendid' Book

The Zohar: The Kabblah's most 'Splendid' BookThe Zohar, which means Splendor in Hebrew was originally written two millennium ago in the Holy Land by a Jewish scholar and Rabbi named Shimon Bar Yohai. Rabbi Bar Yohai has been revered by many to be the originator of the Kabbalah, the mystical Jewish work involving the physical and spiritual relationship between The Creator in Heaven and Mankind on Earth. The text of the Zohar has passages whose meaning go back all the way to the Creation; which are said to be so powerful in regards to it's ability to influence the lives of those who study it that the study of this work as often be suppressed and even banned by both religious and governmental authorities - especially non-Jewish ones.

The first volumes of this work were written in Aramaic, the common language of ancient Palestine where Rabbi Bar Yohai and his followers lived. The work was later revised and translated into Spanish by the Spanish Jewish philosopher and Kabalistic thinker Moses de Leon in the early 13th Century, who added some of his own personal philosophies to the text. The information found within this work, especially in regards to the study of various known sciences, including astronomy and physiology gave influence to other great philosophers of the time, including those in Greece and Rome. Later scientific minds who were greatly influenced by the Zohar include Sir Isaac Newton, the 17th century English scientist and physicist, whose scientific theories dealing with astronomy and gravity were said to be so greatly influenced by passages from the Zohar, and an English interpretation of this work, known as "Newton's Zohar" exists in the archives of Cambridge University in the U.K.

Red String KabbalahBesides considerable attention given to both astrology and astronomy, the text of the Zohar includes much practical information regarding spiritual and personal human relationships, including those between men and women, as well as how to conduct ones everyday business affairs. The mysteries involving human conception and birth, as well as old age and death, are also discussed in great detail.

The Zohar is a compilation of a number of books, each dealing with a particular realm of philosophic and scientific thought. Dealing in both spirituality as well as the physical realm of Man, the works are often considered as one of first early sources of information dealing in such subjects as physiology and anthropology. Mystical and theological information found in Zohar has also influenced the thinking of Christian mysticism; and concepts such as the Trinity as said to come from passages in the Zohar. Many great Jewish philosophers, including Maimonides (the Rambam) were said to have been greatly influenced by texts of the Zohar.

Even nowadays, the knowledge found in this work is said to be so powerful and influential that is recommended that only mature Jewish religious men above the age of 40 should explore the passages found in the Zohar. The study of the Zohar, as well as other aspects of Kabbalistic thought, is available in many Kabbalah study centers located throughout the Jewish world.

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