The Merkaba in Kabbalistic Teachings

The Kabbalah Center in IsraelThe Merkabah, that mysterious tetrahedron with roots back to biblical times, has strong connections to the study of the Kabbalah. These "connections" are so evident that if one would affix the six points of the Merkaba upon the Ten Utterances or Sephiroth (Tree of Life) of the Kabbalah, it can be seen that the points align up with the most important ones, namely Keter (Crown), Cohma (Knowledge), Chesed (Mercy), Binah (Building), and Malcouth (Kingdom).

The Zohar, of Book of Splendor, is said to have gained much inspiration from the meanings of the Merkaba. Tradition says that the Rabbi Simion Ben Yochai, the author of The Zohar, was inspired by the knowledge contained within the Ten Utterances, which as previously mentioned are aligned with the Merkaba.

Future Forseen Kabbalah AmuletThose who are familiar with the biblical history of the Merkaba, are aware that the Prophet Ezekiel encountered a "Chariot with four wheels, driven by four angels, each with four faces." The Prophet's experience in encountering this Devine Presence, is sais to have influenced Kabbalistic scholars later on. The mysteries of the creation, of good and evil gained from the Tree of Knowledge, and of the Tree of Life itself is said to have resulted in visions by prophets such as Ezekiel. And the points of the Ten Utterances as found in the Kabbalah testify to the nature of man and of the world.

The "four faces" or Chayot, as said to be found of each of the "Ofanim" or driving angels of the Merkaba, is said to represent the seasons or elements in the world. These elements are supposed to help teach us that God, who controls everything in the world, created also the nature in which all life will interact. It is said that God created the universe by using the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Along with the ten Sephirot of the Tree of Life.

By combining the meanings of the four Cherubim of the Merkaba, Kabbalistic scholars teach that the world itself is a combination of the four Chayot, who also influence physical conditions here on earth, such as weather, and by working together, bring about peace and harmony in the world.

The Tree of Life, as a Kabbalah symbol, teaches us that as we reach a higher spiritual goal, we ca all work together and achieve a higher spiritual goal. That in itself is one of the main essences of the study of the Kabbalah.

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