The Kabbalah Red String Bracelet

The Red String has become synonymous with the Kabbalah, the mysterious, mystical study that has evolved from a secretive endeavor by middle aged and older Jewish men, to an international movement that non-Jews, as well as Jews are beginning to become involved in (In the picture a Red Evil Eye Bracelet).

The origins of wearing a piece of bright red string, is alleged to originate eons ago with Rachel, one of the four Mothers or Martiarchs of the Jewish people. Rachel, the mother of Joseph, was said have healing and protective powers. For centuries, worshipers have visited her tomb, located in the southern Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo near the northern entrance to Bethlehem. According to tradition, a bright red string, the color signifying blood, or life, is wrapped seven times around the 'grave marker' which is simply a rock on top of the 'grave'. This string is afterwards cut into bracelet size lengths and then tied to the left wrist, giving Rachel's protective powers to those who wear it, particularly women. The color of the bracelet is also said to be a bond between the wearer and The Creator.

The qualities of the Jewish Matriarch, including perseverance, faith, and humility, are said to be transferred to the wearer of the bracelet. One of main protective qualities of the red string is against the destructive forces of the Evil Eye which many people still believe is always trying to cause misfortune and evil. Upon attaching the red string, preferably by another person, the following prayer in Hebrew if often said to rid the wearer from the curse of the Evil Eye:

"Ben Porat Yosef ben Porat alai, ayin hamalach hagoel oti mekol ra yivorach et han'arim vyikare bahem shimi vshem avotai Avraham, Yitzhak v'yidgu larov bikerev Haaretz".

The actual translation of this prayer is often interpreted in different ways, but the main message is that the spirit of Yosef (Joseph), Rachel's son, who is descended from the Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, will protect against the evil influences of the "Ayin ha Goel" - the Evil Eye.

Many "Red String" bracelets also have wound or 'bendeled' cords of silver wire which is also alleged to give added protection, as well as small gold or silver charms such as the Star of David, Chai symbol (meaning life), the Heart (dealing with love and fruitfulness) and the five fingered hand or 'Hamsa' - and age old charm specifically worn against the Evil Eye's influences.

Red string bracelets are now worn by literally thousands of people of all religious faiths. Some of the more prominent wearers of this protective bracelet are celebrities such as Madonna and Demi Moore. The bracelets can be readily purchased in shops specializing in religious jewelry and protective charms (In the picture a Red Kabbalah Bracelet with Turquoise Amulet for Evil Eye Protection).

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