The Kabbalah Center in Israel

The Kabbalah Center in IsraelThe network of Kabbalah study centers in Israel are also part of world wide group of Kabbalah study centers with branches in North and South America, Europe, and the U.K. Israel has 4 main Kabbalah Study centers, located in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, and Tiberias, a former Talmudic Study center where Judaism's must complete work of commentaries to the Torah was completed nearly two thousand years ago. Many other study centers, otherwise known as Beite Midrashim, are located throughout the country, including the mystical Galilee city of Tzafat, known for its ancient synagogues and Judaic art.

Red String KabbalahThe Tel Aviv Kabbalah Study Centre is located at 14 Ben Ami Street, and offers complete study courses into this ancient and mystical realm of Judaic study, including that most mysterious segment of Kabbalistic study, the Zohar. Besides the Zohar, study courses include all levels of Kabbalistic study, from the beginning to most advanced. Monthly courses relating the Kabbalah to various segments of the Jewish Lunar Year, including the spring sessions which include the period during and after Passover, known as the 49 days of the counting of the Omer, which ends with the festival of Shavuoth, when the Torah was given by God to Moses at Mt. Sinai. Other important study 'seasons' including the period of the High Holy Days, from Rosh Hashonah to Yom Kippur, which are Judaism's most sacred religious holidays.

Future Forseen Kabbalah AmuletA segment of Kabbalistic study which is steadily growing in popularity is the one dealing with Kabbalistic interpretations of astrological signs (Zodiac Amulets), which gives the Kabbalistic interpretation of the positions of the moon and stars and how our lives are influenced by them. Many people seeking answers to various problems in their lives are now looking for answers in Kabbalistic studies, including those dealing with astrology. For example young people who are not sure of what path to take in their lives, regarding career, marriage, etc., are now being attracted to Kabbalistic studies to find the answers they are seeking. And when nearing the end of their earthly existence, many older people are seeking a way to understand their ultimate destiny by delving into Kabblistic study.

Although the study of the Kabbalah is available in many locations of the Jewish World, including New York, Los Angeles, London, and even Moscow, this unique segment of Jewish studies are made even more meaningful if done in Israel, especially in cities like Jerusalem. Information on these study programs, and all courses offered is easily obtained via the worldwide network of Kabbalah Study Centre locations, and in the Internet.

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