Kabbalah Celebrities

What do celebrities Madonna, Ashton Kutchner, Demi Moore, Britney Spears, Rosanne, and Paris Hilton all have in common? Besides being well known entertainment personalities they all 'share' something else these days; and that is, they all wear a bright red cotton string around their wrists. That bright red string is derived from a mystical Jewish study known as the Kabbalah.

The Kabbalah is a very deep and intense study of God's relationship with Man and with the universe, and is normally studied by deeply orthodox Jewish men over the age of 40. For centuries, this obscure and highly secretive study was kept out of the public eye. But it has now suddenly been propelled into such great attention that it is turning into a multi-million dollar business with Kabbalah study centers opening up everywhere.

Why the Kabbalah, and what does it offer to make it so attractive, even to someone like Britney or Paris? One of the main reasons is that not only are these famous personalities searching for something missing from their lives, they are also looking for unique ways to attract more attention to themselves besides, perhaps, than trekking all over Africa to assist the wretched and starving masses as well as try to adopt their children. Though most devout Kabbalah scholars do not approve of this new "wave" of study into their most secretive religious studies, other more moderate scholars have decided to bring this mysterious study out into the open and make it available to the masses. Their claim is that with some 'adjustments' the study of the Kabbalah can offer something to nearly everyone, regardless of age, sex, race, and creed.

In the case of Madonna, perhaps the most noted "Celeb" Kabbalah follower, her fascination into this realm of thought has even brought her to Israel to pay a visit to the graves of early Kabbalah scholars, as well as "charge" her spiritual batteries. Though she hasn't yet taken the ultimate step of actually converting to Judaism, she has delved intensely into various areas of Jewish religious and mystical studies, and has even adopted the Hebrew name of Esther. Madonna, like many other famous Hollywood personalities, has appeared to realize that something very important is missing from her life; that 'something' being the realization of her own spiritual being (In the picture a Golden Red String Kabbalah Bracelet).

The 'discovery' of the mysteries of the Kabbalah has drawn her and other celebrities to not only wear Kabbalah jewelry and Kabbalah charms, but to actually take intensive courses in Kabbalah studies. Many of these courses are being offered by well known Jewish scholars and are conducted in several languages other than the traditional Hebrew.

What will derive out of all of this knowledge seeking still remains to be seen. But from one side, it may actually create a "bridge" between Judaism and other religions; a bridge that needs to be crossed and thus bring people together in order to study and discover their true selves and their ultimate physical and spiritual destiny. For after all, what other religious study can give them no less than 72 names for God?

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