Astrology and the Kabbalah: Finding Your True Sign

Astrology and the KabbalahMany people do not realize how much the science of Astrology correlates with passages from the Holy Scriptures, and with Kabbalistic thought. Those who have often been skeptical of Astrology, especially planning one's life according to the monthly positions of the heavenly bodies, should look into how the study of Astrology corresponds with texts from the Bible itself, especially the Book of Genesis.

As noted in the first book of the Bible, the Patriarch Jacob had 12 sons, each one relating to a month of the year, and to a particular sign of the zodiac. As Judaism is a religion that uses a lunar calendar, the 12 sons of Jacobs are reputed to represent that changes of the moon, which are connected to the positions of various constellations during the year.

Tree of Life Kabbalah AmuletKabbalists have paid close attention to these monthly 'signs' and one particular book studied is one called "Ha Sefer Yitzirah" or The Book of Creation, a work which is supposed to predate even the Book of Genesis or Biresheet (in the beginning). In this book, the formation or creation of the Universe is studied, including the formation of all the Heavenly Bodies. Found in this book are what are known as the 'arms of the universe' which are actually the signs of the zodiac each represented by a Hebrew letter. According to Kabbalists, these 'arms' are said to represent the biological and psychological make up of a human being; and are represented by Kabbalists in a diagram known as the 'Tree of Life'.

Though the astrological signs and the 'Tree of Life' play an important in the relationship between the physical and spiritual makeup of Man, Jewish religious thinkers, including those skilled in the study of the Kabbalah warn that it is forbidden to worship the stars and the moon themselves, as this was strictly forbidden by God when the Ten Commandments was given by the Almighty to his servant Moses: "Thou shalt have no other gods before Me".

Gemini Astrological Sign Kabbalah AmuletKabbalistic diagrams, often incorporating a centered hexagram or Star of David, around which are positioned the twelve signs of the Zodiac are used to calculate a person's destiny according to the correlation of both the points of the star and the positions of the signs of the zodiac between these points. Therefore, to determine your "true sign" you must calculate the position in which your birth date falls between the 'points'. As these positions tend to change somewhat each year (the Jewish Lunar month as only 28 days, necessitating the addition of an extra month, Adar II once in every 4 years) so is one's astrological fate constantly changing as well. (Find out more about Zodiac Amulets)

Many Kabbalistic thinkers say that their science has been around for at least 3,000 years, and astrological associations has been a part of ancient and modern Jewish mysticism for even longer. It doesn't require extensive knowledge to conclude that there is a definite correlation between the study of both Astrology and the Kabbalah.

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